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Thalia Joins Thousands at March of Dimes' Annual March for Babies

Domingo, 29.04.12

White Plains hosted one of 900 March for Babies events held nationwide Sunday.


Thousands of people took to the streets of White Plains on Sunday morning for the
March of Dimes’ annual March for Babies. Latin music superstar Thalia, a March
of Dimes Mom, helped kick off the event at Saxon Woods Park. The event is the
largest fund-raiser for the not-for-profit, with 900 occurring simultaneously nationwide.

Thousands of people head out of Saxon Woods Park as the walk begins. Credit: Stu Bayer

People walk along Mamaroneck Avenue. Credit: Stu Bayer

Latin music superstar Thalia welcomes and thanks the crowd for their support. Credit: Stu Bayer

Credit: Stu Bayer

The event is the March of Dimes largest annual fund-raiser. Credit: Stu Bayer

People participate in the walk on Mamaroneck Ave. Credit: Stu Bayer

Groups of people wearing “team” shirts make the walk. Credit: Stu Bayer

Family Ambassador Kristin Ball of Yonkers speaks of how the March of
Dimes assisted her during the birth of her twins. Credit: Stu Bayer

The White Plains event was one of 900 across the country. Credit: Stu Bayer

Zach, Nate and Isabela Lopane of Harrison present Thalia with a thank you gift. Credit: Stu Bayer

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